Monday, February 4, 2013

Activists Vow To #FloodTheCourt To Stop The #NDAA On Feb 6th

You have all heard about the NDAA right? It is a bill that gets passed every year, and deals with stuff like national defense spending. Up until 2012, it was no big deal. In 2012 a provision was added to NDAA that would allow for the indefinite detention of US Citizens without trial. This includes US Citizens accused of terrorist activities on US soil.

Last year a few Senators tried to add another provision that specified that US citizens on US soil would still be allowed their 4th Amendment right to a trial by Jury. The final version of NDAA 2013 had that removed.

Well this Wednesday a huge number of people are going to take it to court in New York to fight to keep their 4th Amendment rights. From The Sparrow Project:

A bipartisan coalition of groups backing this lawsuit, including Demand Progress, RevolutionTruth, the Bill of Rights Defense Committee and the Tenth Amendment Center, are calling on members and supporters to join the plaintiffs in court. Activists promoting a call to “Flood the Courthouse” have already received over 300 RSVP’s from activists and supporters of the plaintiffs. 
Plaintiff and lawsuit coordinator Tangerine Bolen will lead a press conference upon adjournment of the court session. Speakers will include Tangerine Bolen, Daniel Ellsberg, Chris Hedges, Bruce Afran, Alexa O’Brien, Cornel West, Thomas Drake, Jesselyn Radack and a number of others working to prevent indefinite detention and restore civil liberties.

Fed up with our Government, activists are fighting back from all angles. The Government is assaulting us and our liberties every chance they can get. The people are rising up now, and letting the Government know under no uncertain terms that we will NOT have our rights trampled on!

If you are in New York, we at Mainwashed encoruage you to join the fight. Flood the Courthouse and stop the NDAA!


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