Friday, February 15, 2013

Colorado Turning Into California. High Cap Magazine Bill Passed Voice Vote

English: Great Seal of the State of Colorado
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I grew up in a small mountain town in Colorado called Conifer. It's about 30-45 minutes outside of the city of Denver, and like a majority of the state, it is blood red politically. Nowadays, the rest of the state is still blood red, but like California is controlled by liberals in the Bay Area and LA, Colorado's politics are controlled by the blue liberals in Boulder and Denver.

Ever since this gun control nonsense has begun, and since draconian bills have been introduced in my current state of California, I've been considering moving back to Colorado. My parents have been assuring me that the state is still as red as I left it, even though in the 2012 Presidential election Colorado was as blue as the state I now want to leave.

Well, their gun control ideas aren't too far off from their Presidential pick's either. Today a bill to ban high capacity magazines passed a voice vote in Colorado's House. From the Denver Post:

After about 6 hours of debate, members of the Colorado House on Friday afternoon gave preliminary approval of a bill banning high-capacity ammunition magazines that hold more than 15 rounds. 
"An overwhelming majority of Coloradans support limiting these high-capacity ammunition magazines and it's our job in the legislature to implement the will of the people," said House assistant Majority Leader Dan Pabon, D-Denver. 
Republicans could force a roll call vote later today on the bill, otherwise a final House vote will be taken on Monday. Democrats control the House 37-28, though not all party members were on board with passing a measure to ban high-capacity ammunition magazines. 
The vote came after Republicans implored members to vote against what they called a "flawed" measure that would infringe on Second Amendment rights and kill jobs.

On the bright side, a 15 round limit is not as bad as the 10 round limit we have in California, or the ridiculous 7 round limit now in New York.

Texas is looking better every day my friends!


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