Saturday, February 23, 2013

Hope for California Gun Owners: Democrats Lose Supermajority in The Senate

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If there truly is a God in heaven, he most surely is smiling down on Californian gun owners tonight. In an abrupt notice, State Senator Michael Rubio announced that he is stepping down to take a job with the Chevron Group which will only leave fellow Democrats with 26 seats in the State Senate.

Without their 27 seat supermajority, they will have to try and get enough Republicans to fulfill the two-thirds of the vote requirement to pass any draconian gun legislation. That has a very slim chance of happening now.

From Reuters:
Democrats who control California's legislature lost their supermajority in the state Senate on Friday when a business-friendly moderate from the state's Central Valley abruptly resigned. 
Senator Michael Rubio, elected in 2010, said he was stepping down to take a job with Chevron Corp, which will leave fellow Democrats with 26 seats in the Senate. Two other Democratic-leaning seats in the 40-member Senate are vacant. 
...With the loss of the 27-seat supermajority, Democrats will have to put on hold, at least temporarily, some of their more ambitious plans opposed by the Senate's Republican minority. Rubio is likely to be replaced by a member of his party in a special election.
Oh this is such amazing news! Many gun owners, myself included, have been worried about the announcement of the California Democrats plans to add even more restrictive gun laws to the books, even though we already have some of the toughest in the nation.

Some of the proposed bans included background checks on ammunition purchases, as well as limits on the amount of ammunition you can own. Others included mandatory liability insurance. Not to mention countless others.

What do you think about this news? Is it awesome or what? Let us know what you think about it in the comments.


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