Sunday, February 10, 2013

What If Dorner Is Innocent? What If He Was Framed, And Is Now Being Hunted By Dirty LAPD Officers?

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Christopher Dorner
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I was in the car today when I heard a quick radio news update on the search for Christopher Dorner, the ex-LAPD officer that is wanted for the murder of three people, and injuring two people. He is currently believed to be up in Big Bear, CA since police found his truck abandoned and on fire near a ski resort.

When I heard the report today I got to thinking about the situation. Since the announcement of this manhunt, we've had reports of LAPD firing dozens of rounds at a truck that looked like Dorners, which ended up injuring two innocent women. Basic case of shoot first, ask questions later.

I also thought about the reports that San Bernardino Sheriff's conducting door-to-door searches of everyone's homes and cabins up in Big Bear without warrants. Not to mention they are now using drones to try and take him out. That last little bit comes after the recent release of Obama's "license to kill" which says that the government can use drones to kill "threats" anywhere they want, including US soil without a trial.

All of these reports tell me one thing. The police would rather take Dorner in dead than alive. The problem with that is in America we are assumed innocent until proven guilty. At least we used to be.

You might be wondering why, if he is indeed innocent, would he run? Wouldn't you run? Some of his manifesto talks about corruption in the police department, and if that were the case, would you trust them to do the right thing when you turned yourself in?

So then I thought about what he is accused of doing. He has allegedly murdered a basketball coach, her fiancee and one police officer. Then of course I started to think about who are the ones telling the story? It's the media, and the police. You know, the police that are shooting first and asking questions later.

Anyway, then I thought, maybe he is completely innocent, and some bad elements of the LAPD are trying to hang him out to dry. Maybe he has too much on them, so they are framing him for some nasty crimes, and they are hunting him down to take him out. Like any smart cop, he sensed the danger and took off. It's a story right out of Hollywood isn't it? Who could possibly believe that?

Well, isn't the official story coming from the mainstream media just as Hollywoodesque? Think about that for a minute. A cop with a vendetta is declaring war with the police department that burned him? It's just as hard to believe.

Who knows what Dorner's side is really? Is he guilty? Is he innocent? We may never know if the police catch up with him first. His guilt should be decided by the courts, not a bunch of trigger happy police.

What are your thoughts about the Dorner case? Let us know in the comments.

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