Wednesday, March 13, 2013

U.N. Small Arms Treaty Will Start Renewed Deliberation. Prepare For Global Gun Control

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Many over the last few years have been worried about a global gun control effort as a part of the U.N. Small Arms Treaty that the Obama Administration has said they will support. Many speculate that the current push for gun control is a part of the larger effort of globalists to completely undermine the Second Amendment.

Well the Small Arms Treaty is back for some more debate at the U.N. starting March 18th, and with the support of the Obama Administration, things aren't looking good.

From Breitbart:
When the treaty was last debated--July 2012--the U.S. joined Russia, Indonesia, and India in saying they needed more time to think about it. Then, the very day after Obama was re-elected, "the U.S. Mission to the U.N. made clear its support for renewed ATT negotiations." 
This treaty focuses on gun trafficking internationally, and is being sold as a treaty to limit the number of guns moving across borders. 
However, as Breitbart News reported on July 21, 2012--if ratified by the U.S., this treaty would require some type of gun registration either domestically or internationally, or both. 
Don't be blinded by the smokescreen of your local governments attempts at disarming you. It is a part of a larger effort, and we need to keep the pressure up in Washington that we don't want our rights taken away by the globalists.

Any treaty that the U.S. signs must first be approved by Congress. Make sure to write your representatives now and tell them to oppose the Small Arms Treaty at all costs!

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