Thursday, May 2, 2013

Oregon School Shooting Drill Proves That Arming Guards at School is Necessary

Principal Cammie DeCastro of Pine Eagle Charter School in rural Oregon had the local Sheriff's department conduct an impromptu school shooting drill where deputies wearing hoodies and firing handguns got the drop on a group of teachers who were conducting a meeting.

From Oregon Live:
Two masked men wearing hoodies and wielding handguns burst into the Pine Eagle Charter School in this tiny rural community on Friday. Students were at home for an in-service day, so the gunmen headed into a meeting room full of teachers and opened fire. 
Someone figured out in a few seconds that the bullets were not drawing blood because they were blanks and the exercise was a drill, designed to test Pine Eagle's preparation for an assault by "active shooters" who were, in reality, members of the school staff. But those few seconds left everybody plenty scared. 
Principal Cammie DeCastro said it became clear very quickly just how many of the school's 15 teachers would have survived. The answer: "Not many," she said.
I personally think this drill is great! It shows these teachers what to expect in this sort of situation, and points out a glaring fact, that if this wasn't an exercise and no "good guys" with guns were there to stop it, the gunmen would have the full range of the school to open fire on while the police scrambled to get there in time.

What do you think about this drill? How many of those teachers do you think wished they had guns at that moment? Let us know what you think in the comments.

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