Saturday, May 18, 2013

Wait... Did Piers Morgan Wake Up and Smell The Tyranny? #INTIMIGATE

For the last several months Piers Morgan has led the charge on gun control on his show Piers Morgan Tonight. He has continued to push for gun control almost nightly since the Sandy Hook shooting which has negatively affected his ratings.

Well since the Obama administration's IRS scandal, and AP scandal which some are calling collectively Intimigate, Piers appears to have changed his tune.

From WND:

...after learning of the Obama administration’s involvement in the IRS’ targeting of conservative groups and its secret seizure of Associated Press phone records – the CNN host admitted to guest Penn Jillette that perhaps gun advocates were right about creeping tyranny after all: 
“I’ve had some of the pro-gun lobbyists on here, saying to me, ‘Well, the reason we need to be armed is because of tyranny from our own government,’ and I’ve always laughed at them,” Morgan said. “I said, ‘Don’t be ridiculous! Your government won’t turn itself on you. … 
“But, actually, this is vaguely tyrannical behavior by the American government.” 
He continued, “I think what the IRS did is bordering on tyrannical behavior. I think what the Department of Justice has done to the AP is bordering on tyrannical behavior.”
Do you think Piers will have a full change of tune when it comes to guns now? Why or why not? Let us know what you think in the comments.


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