Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Mainwashed Weekly Scoop - Episode 6

Welcome to episode 6 of The Mainwashed Weekly Scoop brought to you by http://amazon.mainwashed.com!

It's Super Tuesday! In this 2016 Election edition of the Weekly Scoop Paul skips the daily news and rants about everything that has happened since the last episode. Some things that have happened:
  • Hillary and/or the DNC being implicated in controlling the media and the DOJ, rigging the election, money laundering, child sex trafficking and weird occult stuff (Via Wikileaks)
  • James Comey and the FBI calling off the Clinton private email server case... AGAIN!
  • Obama telling illegal aliens that it's okay for them to vote and he won't prosecute.
  • Newsweek already released the following magazine BEFORE the election!
  • Julian Assange warned that the elites won't let Trump win, and he showed how Hillary is owned by big banks as well as the same governments that fund ISIS.
  • Wikileaks showed how Citibank picked Obama's entire cabinet!
We also played this clip from V For Vendetta to get people pumped up to vote:

As well as a clip from the Renegade Republican Podcast with Dan Bongino.

Listen Below to episode 6:

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