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Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Media Ignore Hillary Clinton's Role in Spying on Trump Team

"Hillary Clinton hijacked the State Department, hijacked the FBI and hijacked the Justice System. Yeah don't worry. New York Times, don't worry about it. No big deal. No problem at all ... she shuttled information through the Justice System to the FBI to spy on the Trump Team. Don't you worry fellas. Nothing to see there." —Dan Bongino

Veteran Receives Unusual Penis Transplant

Doctors at a Baltimore hospital have performed the world's most extensive penis transplant, this one also involving the scrotum and part of the abdominal wall.

Why YOU should care about Trump's Attorney

When the integrity of the attorney-client relationship is being destroyed (again) by the Federal government, we got problems, y'all!

Potty-mouth @CNN airs 77 graphic mentions of "pee tape" in 5 days

Intrepid analysts at NewsBusters analyzed the transcripts of all CNN’s broadcasts that aired between April 12th and April 16th. So, they poured through everything said on CNN for 5 days. And they found no less than 77 separate mentions of the completely salacious, completely unsubstantiated claim from the Steele dossier, that President Trump paid hookers to pee on each other, and that Moscow has tapes of it.

Jeff Sessions, Rod Rosenstein are scrambling to save their jobs

Senior Judicial Analyst Judge Andrew Napolitano on Rep. Devin Nunes' comments that there was "no intelligence" to justify the Trump campaign collusion investigation.




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