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Monday, March 25, 2019

#YangGang is Death to America

Many people are jumping on the Andrew Yang for President 2020 campaign under the impression that he is a moderate Democrat appealing to moderates, both left and right, as a way to bridge the political gap dividing America. However, if you read the policies promoted on his campaign website ( you'll quickly see he is extremely radical and very dangerous for the United States.


Hunter Avalone goes off on some of the most ridiculous stories involving the LGBT community lately.

#FakeNews - @MSNBC Host Claims Mueller Reports Has A LOT of Evidence Against Trump 🤣

MSNBC’s Katy Tur dismissed the upcoming results of Robert Mueller’s investigation during her Thursday show because, according to her, the special counsel has already found “quite a bit” of incriminating evidence against President Donald Trump.

Don't Be Fooled! Beto is a factor. $6.1 mil raised in first 24 hours.

"Blue Collar Logic" tells us not to be fooled! Beto is a factor. $6.1 mil raised in first 24 hours. Know your enemy.

The 2020 Presidential Candidates Are Acting Very Strange

It's not unheard of for political candidates to try to prove to voters that they're 'just like us', but some of the democratic presidential candidates are going a little overboard with their efforts.




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