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Thursday, January 17, 2019

#ToxicMasculinity Is Just That...Toxic To Masculinity

Nick Kangadis tackles the scourge that is the term "toxic masculinity" and how continuing that narrative actually does more harm to men than good.

The Square Root of Guns Equals Faux Outrage

"Remember Ahmed Mohamed, everybody called him the Clock… where is that outcry for this student? Why isn't the student who used his First Amendment right to make a comment about something the Second Amendment protects on every nightly news cycle? Is he gonna get invited to Google?" —Dana Loesch

Bill O'Reilly Exposes Speaker Pelosi's State of the Union Stunt

Bill O'Reilly joins Wayne Allyn Root to talk about Nancy Pelosi un-inviting Trump to give the State of the Union address and how it is all just a publicity stunt to keep her in the news.  They also discuss the crowded 2020 Democratic ticket.

TRUTH! Sean Hannity Reports On A Criminal #DeepState Plot To Destroy The President

Sean Hannity reports on how the deep state is using the FBI to attack president Trump. John Dowd has even called it a political coup.

@Roku Kills Free Speech, #AlexJones Fights Back

Roku has announced they're banning a new app made by a fan of Infowars for their platform. Alex Jones has had enough and declares it's time to fight back!




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