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Tuesday, November 12, 2019

Militants fire barrage of rockets into Israel

Militants fire barrage of rockets into Israel

(FOX NEWS) -- Militants in Gaza sent a barrage of at least 50 rockets over the border into Tel Aviv early Tuesday, vowing further revenge after the Israeli military carried out a pair of targeted airstrikes on senior Islamic jihad commanders in Gaza and in Syria.

“The response to this crime will have no limits,” Islamic Jihad said in a statement.

An Israeli airstrike killed Bahaa Abu el-Atta and his wife in their home in eastern Gaza Tuesday, Lt. Col. Jonathan Conricus, a military spokesman, said. The target was a "ticking time bomb" responsible for a number of recent rocket attacks on southern Israel and claimed that he was actively planning new attacks, Conricus said.

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Monday, November 11, 2019

WATCH: Donald Trump Jr.: ‘The American People Get It … They See The Witch Hunt’

Speaking on Fox News’ “Life, Liberty & Levin” to promote his new book, “Triggered,”  Donald Trump Jr. spoke directly to the American people, asserting that they realized in 30 seconds that when the Democrats chose Special Counsel Robert Mueller it was “one big joke,” that it was part of a “witch hunt” designed to target his father, President Donald Trump.

Trump Jr, stated, “They’re trying to, you know, reverse the results of an election that they didn’t agree with, though the American people obviously agreed.” He said of Mueller, “Obviously, they only brought him in because he was the former head of the FBI and he was a decorated Marine. So he’s above reproach. Trump cannot possibly attack him … Then, they were going to get him, finally — they were going to get Trump. We’re gonna put him on the stand. And, within about 30 seconds, the American public realized that this thing was one big joke, that they used Robert Mueller simply because of the credentials and … the fact that he was beyond reproach because of his resume. They realized this guy had no idea what he’s even talking about.”

Trump Jr. noted Mueller’s remarks from the July Congressional hearing in which he stated that allegations against ex-MI6 agent Christopher Steele were a subject “beyond my purview,” followed by Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) retorting, “No, that’s directly in your purview, Mr. Mueller and here’s why. Either Steele made this whole thing up and there were never any Russians telling him of this vast criminal conspiracy that you didn’t find, or, Russians lied to Steele.”

Trump Jr. commented, “It was a joke. And I do believe that despite the media attacks, the American people get it … They see the nonsense. They see the witch hunt.”

Trump Jr. posited that that the president has served as an example of how Republicans should counter Democrats, saying, “And I think it’s been a great thing in the sense that it’s shown conservatives that you can actually fight back. You don’t just have to turn the other cheek We’ve done that for 50 years and all we’ve done to cede ground to the lunatic fringe of the left and their policies.”

Last Thursday, as The Daily Wire reported, Trump Jr. told radio show host Rush Limbaugh:

We’re at war, and we’re at war for our freedoms. We’re at war for our culture. You know, this is the largest divide between the two political parties in the history of the country. You know, I write a lot in the book about socialism and communism, ’cause my mother escaped from it. You know, I grew up with grandparents that lived through that stuff. You know, I spent summers in what was then communist Czechoslovakia. I can tell you those bread lines that Bernie talks about are not nearly so wonderful.”

Trump bashed the media recently, telling The Daily Wire, “The hypocrisy of the Left, the hypocrisy of the mainstream media, and their sort of unabashed willingness to just disregard the notion of fairness — the notion that they are there to report the news and just be a cheerleader for one side and that’s obviously what they are. They are the marketing wing of the DNC.”

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Sunday, November 10, 2019

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Saturday, November 9, 2019

LIMBAUGH: Trump Derangement Syndrome On Steroids

Trump Derangement Syndrome is not merely a cute-sounding phrase to deflect criticism of President Trump. It’s real. It’s palpable.

Case in point: The American Prospect’s Paul Waldman gives us an earful about President Trump and how Trump is destroying everything that’s good and decent in America. Let me share some of his words, which speak for themselves — but I’ll speak for them, too.

“The impending impeachment of Donald Trump brings with it the possibility of something that has been in short supply over the last three years: accountability,” Waldman writes. “At last, you may think, we can use a constitutional process to proclaim at last that This Is Not OK.” Waldman goes on to acknowledge that Trump probably won’t be held to account after all, because though the House will likely impeach him, the Senate will vote against removing him from office.

What strikes me is Waldman’s unchecked assertion that Trump’s accountability “has been in short supply.” He wholly ignores that Democrats have been feverishly pursuing Trump since he announced his candidacy. For two years, they’ve prosecuted a bogus case on Trump “colluding” with Russia, guaranteeing they had unimpeachable evidence.

They were lying, and their would-be savior, special counsel Robert Mueller, produced no evidence of collusion. Accountability? Why haven’t the Democrats had to answer for their wasting taxpayers’ time and money over this lie? Neither they nor their legacy media co-conspirators have uttered one syllable of apology to the American people, let alone President Trump, for dragging us through this nightmare.

Instead, they immediately pivoted to Ukraine. Here we go again — but this time, it’s really serious. What is this, the fourth impeachment attempt? Why not? We now know from released transcripts that they’ve been planning this coup from the jump. We already knew it, but we’ve got the smoking gun. Will they be held to account for their election and post-election interference? Of course not, unless their constituents vote them out of office for abuse of power.

Waldman continues: “This is one of the products of Trump’s time in office: the contamination of our emotional lives. Trump has made us feel dread, despair, disillusionment, and a dozen other awful emotions whose grip it feels impossible to escape. And even if he loses in 2020 then slinks back to Mar-a-Lago to spend his days regaling his dwindling number of sycophants with tales of his matchless presidency, we’ll continue to live with the effects for years or even decades to come.”

I don’t know whom Waldman purports to speak for, but millions of Americans would find his words repugnant. Trump doesn’t make us feel dread and despair. Bullish on America and fighting leftist insanity and political correctness, he invigorates our patriotic instincts. His policies have stimulated robust economic growth, which is hardly cause for despair.

Waldman details “the unceasing parade of horrors emanating from the Oval Office,” citing the usual litany of Trump’s alleged sins — his oh-so-offensive tweets, his racism and his cruelty. It’s just so exhausting for poor Waldman. He writes: “And how many times have you found yourself almost involuntarily talking with friends or family about some awful thing Trump did or said, only to have someone stop and say, ‘Oh god, let’s just not talk about him for a while. I can’t take it.”

What’s exhausting is the ceaseless leftist noise machine railing against Trump. Leftists need to remove the smudges from their mirrors and see that they are projecting. They are the ones who have been vicious and hateful toward Trump from the beginning. They have wrongly accused him — and his supporters (half of Americans) — of racism and cruelty. They have contempt for all his supporters. Yet has Trump called them Nazis? Racists?

If you don’t believe me, read Waldman’s elaboration: “For many the mere fact that Trump could win in 2016 (even if he got three million fewer votes than Hillary Clinton) was reason enough to lose faith in their country in a fundamental way. Eight years before they had convinced themselves that Barack Obama’s election meant America could be the place they wanted it to be: inclusive, tolerant, progressive, hopeful. Trump came along and told them that America was not that place.”

What? Precisely the opposite is true. Progressives are the antithesis of inclusion, tolerance and hope. They are intolerant of opposing viewpoints, and they readily use the power of government and social media giants to suppress conservative speech and religious liberty. They bully conservatives out of restaurants and college campuses. They are anything but hopeful. Former President Obama’s team told us the days of 3% growth were over. President Trump rejected the naysaying and gave us an economic boom, fulfilling his campaign promises and restoring hope.

The rest of Waldman’s piece is even more desperate and bitter, but space constraints preclude further dissection. I’ll just leave you with his closing paragraph, which encapsulates his TDS: “There may yet be more to come, if nothing else in the form of an election defeat next year. But it’s hard to escape the gnawing feeling that nothing we can do to Trump will ever make up for what he has done to us.”

To the contrary, Trump has done nothing to them, but they have done plenty to him. And he’s done plenty for us — specifically standing athwart the extreme left’s crusade to fundamentally and permanently transform America into a nation our framers wouldn’t recognize.

Thank you, President Trump, for standing up for America and those who still believe in it.

David Limbaugh is a writer, author and attorney. His latest book is “Guilty by Reason of Insanity: Why the Democrats Must Not Win.” Follow him on Twitter @davidlimbaugh and his website at To read features by other Creators Syndicate writers and cartoonists, visit the Creators Syndicate webpage at

Friday, November 8, 2019

MD Conference to Focus on Cleaning Up Chesapeake Bay

MD Conference to Focus on Cleaning Up Chesapeake Bay BALTIMORE – Stream recovery projects are a cornerstone in helping to reduce pollution in the Chesapeake Bay watershed, and people at the MidAtlantic Stream Restoration Conference on November 18 will explore how to advance these projects. Stream rehabilitation is more urgent than ever, according to Rich Starr – senior water research scientist with Ecosystem Planning and Restoration – who'll give opening remarks at the conference. He says states in the watershed, including Maryland and Virginia, are pushing to fulfill the Environmental Protection Agency’s mandate to reduce nitrogen, phosphorous and sediment pollution flowing into the Chesapeake 60% by 2025. ...(Read More)

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