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Wednesday, May 22, 2019

AOC and Bernie Sanders Want to Open Up a Public Bank….In the Post Office

Yes, because the government-run postal service that has been hemorrhaging billions of dollars for over 12 years is totally the perfect place to set up a bank...

Stop the Tape! Political Panic in the Mainstream Media

Stop the tape! Political panic in the mainstream media.

US False Flag Operation Against Americans - Operation Northwoods

During the Cold War the US lost a territory to Communist Soviet Union that was too close to home, and would take drastic measures to overthrow the government of Cuba. In today's educational animated cartoon we dive back into history and take a look at Operation Northwoods.

Mob Of Muslims Throw Bricks At Men, Women, And Children

Tommy Robinson has released new footage of his campaign being attacked by gangs of young Muslim men who go on to throw rocks even at women and children. Alex breaks down this incredible example of radical Islam being accepted as normal in the west.

Bill Weld, GOP primary challenger to Donald Trump, wants to disclose presidential tax returns

Former Massachusetts Gov. William Weld, who is mounting a long-shot 2020 primary challenge to President Trump, says if elected he would prod Congress to pass a law requiring presidents to disclose their tax returns.

Mr. Weld said he'd ask lawmakers to send him a bill in his first 100 days ...

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