Saturday, February 3, 2018

Deep State's Plots to Remove President Trump

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In this exclusive interview with The New American magazine, longtime political operative Roger Stone warns that the establishment hates Trump with a passion because he threatens their agenda to undermine U.S. sovereignty and the broader “globalist agenda.” So passionate is this hatred that the Deep State will go to any lengths to stop the president.  “He's a one-man obstacle to the downward spiral in American strength,” Stone said. Among the schemes to remove Trump are the Russia conspiracy theories, the claims that Trump is crazy, and, as Stone explained in a previous interview with The New American — assassination. By mid-2018, Stone suggested the establishment media would seek to whip up a crescendo of hysteria over Trump's mental state. The goal: remove him under the 25th amendment to the Constitution. But Trump is “crazy like a fox,” Stone said, adding that he was confident in Trump's ability to overcome the attacks against him.

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