Thursday, April 26, 2018

Are armed teachers a solution to school shootings?

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President Trump says one solution to school shootings is to allow teachers to be armed.

He was mocked for that, but John Stossel says it's a reasonable idea. Hundreds of schools already allow it.

Keene Independent School District in Texas embraces the idea. Its superintendent, Ricky Stephens, tells Stossel: "We know our staff and our teachers are gonna go [to a shooting]—do we want them to go with a pencil or go with a pistol?"

People worry armed teachers will do more harm than good, but Stossel could find only one case of harm to a student. One teacher mistakenly shot at the ceiling and a student was slightly injured by falling debris.

On the other hand, armed teachers have stopped school shootings. An assistant principal held a school shooter at gunpoint until police arrived.