Wednesday, May 16, 2018

HIDDEN CAMERA: Michigan Union Boss Neglects Mandatory Reporting of Child Abuse

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Trans AR-15

Today’s story is with another NEA official, this time in Michigan. Once again, the union official is clearly more interested in protecting teachers than children. The video you are about to see and hear is troubling, our journalist, who says she is a teacher, tells the union official a story about a bloodied middle school student she “shoved.” The response, don’t report it and hope the student doesn’t either.

This is part of a larger nation-wide investigation by Project Veritas into teachers unions. Previous videos exposed two New Jersey Education Association presidents admitting they would "bend the truth" and protect abusive teachers. Both union presidents – Dr. David Perry of Hamilton, NJ and Kathleen Valencia of Union City, NJ – were suspended by the school and resigned from the union. The videos led to bipartisan-supported calls for legislative hearings into the conduct of the NJEA.

Trans AR-15