Monday, September 10, 2018

Ken Starr: Hillary 'systematic enabler' for Bill

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(Washington Examiner) Ken Starr, the Whitewater and Lewinsky affairs prosecutor whose probe led to the impeachment of President Bill Clinton, is breaking his 19 years of silence to finally dish on the former first family and their “legacy of contempt.”

In his explosive account of the five-year saga into multiple White House scandals, titled “Contempt, A memoir of the Clinton Investigation,” Starr portrays Clinton as a “deeply flawed president who believed he was above the law.” But, he added, Clinton was lucky and escaped removal from office because of an “indulgent” public.

Hillary Clinton takes it harder, as Starr described the former first lady and 2016 presidential runner-up as a serial liar who was a “systematic enabler” of her husband’s years of extramarital affairs and cover ups to hide them.

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