Friday, December 28, 2018

Facebook is making independent journalists jump through hoops to run ads

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We at Mainwashed like to sift through the news to pull out what we feel is really useful information. Lots of times you have to dig through the agenda of mainstream media to find out what the real story is. It's an important job that only independent groups like Mainwashed can do because we're not owned by anyone!

An interesting video that we shared a few weeks ago with a Facebook whistleblower exposes how Facebook is colluding with mainstream media companies to control what news stories can be widely shared on Facebook, and therefore control any potential narrative. If they can control the narrative, they can sway opinion and thought.

Here's that video again if you missed it the first time:

Well we here at Mainwashed just ran into a bit of this sort of thing first hand. Not only are we in "Facebook Jail" for the time being for posting a meme that is apparently offensive, but we tried to run an ad for one of our articles and were forced to jump through a bunch of bullshit hoops! Check this out:

We're asking people who want to run ads related to politics or issues of national importance to confirm their identity. This is part of our efforts to know who's responsible for the content and funding of ads that discuss political candidates, elected officials, and national issues like education and immigration. 
None of the information you provide to confirm your identity will be shown on your profile or in ads.
One of the things they had us do was confirm our mailing address by sending us a letter with a code on it that we had to enter once we received it. That process alone delayed our ad from being purchased by 7 business days. In the world of news, if you don't share it immediately it becomes irrelevant. By delaying our post by 7 business days with their bullshit red tape, it effectively prevented our story from being spread to a wider audience.

Everyone should be very concerned with this level of censorship and narrative control. It's starting to look a lot like 1984 around here.

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