Saturday, January 12, 2019

Attention Jeff Bezos: Bill Burr on Epidemic of gold digging whores

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Amazon founder Jeff Bezos is getting ready for divorce from his wife MacKenzie. The interesting part about it is that according to TMZ, they don't have a prenup and there is about $137 Billion on the line!

Via TMZ:
Jeff and MacKenzie Bezos did NOT have a prenuptial agreement so, by all rights, they will split their incredible fortune right down the middle ... sources with direct knowledge tell TMZ. 
The couple will file divorce docs in Washington, where community property rules ... translation -- all earnings and income during the marriage are split 50/50.
When the couple married in 1993 -- 6 months after meeting -- Jeff wasn't even a millionaire. He didn't become one until 1997, so dreams of being the richest man in the world were pie in the sky. 
The division of assets will be incredibly complicated. Aside from cold hard cash, the former couple is hardcore baronial -- they own 400,000 acres of property, making them 2 of the biggest landholders in the country. Valuing that land is complicated.
In honor of this monumental bonehead move to not get a prenup, we present the Bill Burr bit about women taking half of their rich husband's money (Above)! Good luck Jeff!

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