Wednesday, January 2, 2019

Don't Drop Your Gun In The Toilet: Concealed Carry In The Restroom

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Trans AR-15

What do you do with your gun when you really have to go? An intrepid viewer pointed out a problem he had using the urinal while carrying IWB appendix. All I can say is keep your belt secured and only open your zipper. The belt will keep the gun in place. That is true for all uses of the urinal. Keep your belt closed and only open your zipper. I think the term is "puppet show."

If you must make a "major transaction" in the restroom, I suggest leaving your holster clipped to your belt and leaving the gun in the holster. You may want to look for a restroom stall all the way on the right (if you are right-handed) because that will keep your gun closer to the wall and reduce the chances that someone will try to reach under from an adjoining stall to grab the gun. I don't suggest taking the gun out of the holster because then you have a loaded gun out of the holster and you are looking for a safe place to put it. The safest place for that gun is in the holster.

Using a public restroom with your gun does not have to be complicated. Practice at home before you go out in public. Just keep control of your gun at all times.

Trans AR-15