Friday, January 25, 2019

Vietnam Vet Nathan Phillips Isn't Vietnam Vet... Is He Even Human?!

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Less than a week removed from the coordinated oops I mean random incident at the 2019 March For Life - A group of underage high school kids from Covington Catholic on vacation to support "maybe not killing babies" - the details of lose-hero Nathan Phillips' weird, uncomfortable reality have begun to emerge.

Nathan Phillips is the name - maybe - of the Jessie Pinkman client you might have seen whacking a dead cat stretched over a frisbee on a flaming dumpster that has confused itself for a television network. You know - the Native American "Vietnam Veteran" who was just minding his own business when an unexpected clique of 300,000 people rolled up in his otherwise upstanding grill.

It turns out Nathan Phillips is a huge fan of Valor, but can't afford to pay for it. Not only is he not a veteran, but his limited time in the military was restricted to brig time for going AWOL and failing to fix refrigerators.

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