Saturday, May 4, 2019

Blushing bluff

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A young man at college in want of twenty-five dollars wrote to his uncle as follows:

“Dear Uncle – If you could see how I blush for shame while I am writing, you would pity me. Do you know why? Because I have to ask you for a few dollars, and do not know how to express myself. It is impossible for me to tell you. I prefer to die. I send you this by messenger, who will wait for an answer. Believe me, my dearest uncle, your most obedient and affectionate nephew.

“P.S. – Overcome with shame for what I have written, I have been running after the messenger in order to take the letter from him, but I cannot catch him. Heaven grant that something may happen to stop him, or that this letter may get lost.”

The uncle was naturally touched, but was equal to the emergency. He replied as follows:

“My Dear Jack – Console yourself and blush no more. Providence has heard your prayers. The messenger lost your letter. Your affectionate uncle.”

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