Sunday, September 8, 2019

Famed quarterback attacked for promoting Bible

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New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees has responded to criticism from LGBT activists for promoting a Focus on the Family program encouraging students to take their Bibles to school.

“Hopefully this sets the record straight with who I am and what I stand for. Love, Respect, and Accept ALL,” he wrote on Twitter. “I encourage you not to believe the negativity you read that says differently. It’s simply not true. Have a great day.”

The Bible promotion came in a Facebook statement urging participation in Take Your Bible to School Day, an annual event that encourages students to talk with willing friends about their faith.

Focus on the Family’s beliefs about marriage and sexuality align with traditional Christianity.

Big Easy Magazine wrote on Twitter: “The anti-#LGBTQ+ religious group Focus on the Family (a strong promoter of the dangerous ‘conversation therapy’ practice) released a video featuring none other than #Saints star quarterback, Drew Brees.”

The Advocate pointed out Brees “has been an advocate for anti-bullying with Ellen Degeneres … so … we have a few questions.”

Queerty said, “Drew Brees to people criticizing his work with antigay hate group: ‘Shame on you!'”

Even CBS News described Focus in a headline as an “anti-LGBTQ group.”

Twitter news aggregator Twitchy said Brees “has nothing to apologize for.”

“His critics, on the other hand, owe him a major apology. For maligning his character and faith.”

Matt Walsh wrote on Twitter: “Just to review. Drew Brees, one of the most thoroughly decent guys in the NFL, is being attacked as ‘anti-gay’ because he recorded a 20 second video encouraging kids to bring their Bibles to school on Bring Your Bible To School Day. We are living in very stupid times.”

Twitchy suggested the attack started with Big Easy.

“Because things can always get stupider, Saints QB Drew Brees has found himself on the defensive after appearing in a video for Focus on the Family, in which he promoted National Bring Your Bible to School Day. Apparently by virtue of recording a spot for Focus, he’s promoting hate and bigotry against the LGBTQ community. On September 3, Big Easy Magazine reported on Brees’ video with the headline ‘Drew Brees Records Video for Anti-LGBT Religious Organization.'”

Twitchy said: “Brees’ video had nothing to do with the LGBTQ community and everything to do with encouraging kids to celebrate the Bible. But when narratives are all that matter, there’s just no room for honest reporting.”

Samuel Jones, on Twitter, put it in perspective. “Brees did a video for an evangelical organization about reading your Bible and journalists are grilling him and trying to get him canceled. Two nights ago Bernie Sanders endorsed abortion as population control for poor people. Journalists didn’t care.”

“It should never have come to this,” Twitchy wrote.


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