Monday, September 30, 2019

Results of Tesla software update 'aren't going exactly as planned'

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(TheDrive) With the widespread release of Tesla’s V10 software beginning earlier this week, drivers gained access to a number of new vehicle features and integrations. One particular feature was the long-awaited Smart Summon functionality which gives drivers the ability to summon their vehicles to them from across a parking lot or in some other complex scenario. Unfortunately, things aren’t going exactly as planned.

As the update started to push out to vehicles over-the-air, social media quickly began exploding with people posting photos and videos of their cars navigating through parking lots and streets using Tesla’s new Smart Summon feature. With the vehicle in the operator’s line of sight, they can either summon the vehicle to them using their phone’s GPS location or choose a nearby point on a map and the vehicle’s on-board Autopilot hardware will begin navigating where it is told.

Not all of these posts were positive, however; some drivers began reporting that their Teslas were getting into accidents when using Smart Summon.

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