Friday, October 11, 2019

Will the Impeachment Inquiry Hurt Democrats in 2020?

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The Democrats’ latest attempt to impeach President Trump may be the nail in the coffin. Not for President Trump, but for their chances of securing the White House, keeping the House, and taking back the Senate. This latest charade orchestrated by the Democrats may ruin their chances in 2020.

Some red-state Senate Democrats are worried that an impeachment push in the Senate will backfire and hurt their chances of securing a majority in the Senate. The House may have the same outcome if Democrats move too quickly—which they might, given the 2020 election clock ticking—and strike with the very little evidence they have against President Trump.

Fox News host Stuart Varney makes a point about the mass impeachment hysteria for the presidential election:

Of course, if you scan the news of the day, you’d think the world turns on impeachment, you’d think the Trump presidency is on its last legs…that’s the media’s never-ending obsession. Look beneath the screaming headlines, and it’s the Democrats’ presidential campaigns that are in real trouble.

The top three all have their troubles and the rest of the pack has failed to break through.

Wouldn’t you think that, with the President under impeachment threat, the candidates trying to succeed him would be powering ahead? They’re not.

It’s Trump who has raised the most money, it’s the Trump base that is united. I’ll repeat eight days before the next debate it’s a Monday mess for the Democrat hopefuls.

If the Democrats continue this phony witch hunt, they’re in for a wake-up call. They’re going to realize how out-of-touch they are with their constituents, and it will show in 2020.

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