Monday, November 4, 2019

Mark Cuban Grilled Over Proposed Regulation Of News Media

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Billionaire Mark Cuban, owner of the Dallas Mavericks, was mocked online on Sunday over an idea that he proposed which involves having the government regulate the news media.

Cuban recently joined the list of NBA players and employees who cowered to China’s communist government over the censorship they are imposing by cracking down on the league over those who support the Hong Kong protesters.

“There’s just no reason to get in the domestic policy of foreign countries and it’s not like any of them have made us change out behavior at the NBA,” Cuban said.

“Any politician that says they will push for a law that says no tv or streaming network can brand, market or name themselves a News Network unless the 6 most viewed hours of every night is >80% fact checked news and opinion is clearly labeled as opinion only, gets my vote,” Cuban tweeted. “IMO, It would reduce the partisanship in this country almost overnight.”

Cuban, who has publicly stated in the past that he would consider running for president as a Republican, was immediately called out over his proposal.

“Who’s gonna fact check them, the government? hahaha. You’ve been to the DMV, right Mark? And the Post Office,” comedian Mark Dice responded to Cuban. “Apparently you’ve never heard of the ‘Fairness Doctrine.’ An impossible can of worms best not opened.”

Cuban responded, “I have. And I know what it did. Do you? We already have laws saying you can’t mislabel products. I’m not saying a network can’t air whatever they want. Just that they have to be honest about what they are airing.”

Dice continued to press Cuban, asking, “So you will admit that CNN and MSNBC are the worst offenders of fake news right? Surely you’ll agree that they’re worse than the grocery store celebrity tabloids.”

Cuban responded, “I don’t care which is which. I think they all should label news as news and opinion as opinion. On @cnbc any commentator has to reveal stock positions and affiliations. So do researchers and scientists. Should be the same for news.”

Another Twitter user asked Cuban about the obvious problem with his plan, “Come on Mark, who exactly is going to ‘Fact Check’? You want the government deciding what the truth is?”

Cuban responded, “We do it with other products. You can’t say a fiction book is non fiction. And only politicians get to lie in ads.”

Another Twitter user, who claims to be a political strategist, asked Cuban the same question, “Mr.
@mcuban, who does the fact checking?”

Cuban responded, “Peer review ? News reporters will hold each other accountable. Sure there will be misses and issues ,but it works fairly well in other originated content industries and would certainly be an improvement over now and In the case of news, reporters accuracy is career impacting[.]”

Others continued to call out Cuban, including writer Ben McDonald, who tweeted: “And you’re gonna do this by having the government fact check news networks? The government decide what is true and isn’t?Hard pass there.”

Reporter Aaron Bandler tweeted: “This is basically censorship.”

Columnist Avatans Kumar tweeted: “I am assuming, Mark, that your contention is there is an absolute and universal Truth and only a few have monopoly over it. Let me surprise you by saying that it is not true. We need a more plural world, not an intolerant homogenous world.”

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