Monday, January 6, 2020

WATCH: Two Anti-Radical Islam Women Slam Critics Of Trump’s Airstrike On Soleimani

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Over the weekend, two women, Dr. Qanta Ahmed, a Muslim physician from Great Britain, and native Iranian journalist/producer at Voice of America Persian Service Masih Alinejad, were interviewed by Fox News, and they had strong words for those in the West who criticized President Trump’s airstrike that killed Iranian general Qassem Soleimani.

Ahmed called the critics of Trump “completely morally bankrupt and craven,” adding, “It makes you question what their interests really are.”

Alinejad, who said her own brother was jailed in Iran in front of his small children for protesting against the theocratic, despotic Iranian regime, said she was shocked when she saw the Western media “calling him a hero.”

Asked what she thought of the criticism of Trump from those in the West, Ahmed said, “Completely morally bankrupt and craven, their response.”

“I have been speaking to all of my friends and contacts in Iran where Soleimani had a tremendous grip through his leadership and plans with PMF and they’re celebrating; they’re exchanging cakes with each other; they’re congratulating each other,” she said. “To see the United States criticizing the president for this emphatic, long overdue, much indicated rebuke, is disgraceful and it makes you question what their interests really are.”

“Soleimani was the mastermind of Iranian hegemony over the region, responsible for hundreds of deaths, thousands of deaths in many many nations,” she added. “There’s no criticism that legitimate for this targeting.”

Alinejad, who pointed out in a thread on Twitter that claims of “millions of people” lining the streets for Soleimani’s funeral were wildly exaggerated, added, “Look, I have been in touch with many Iranians and I have to say that a lot of Iranians do not see Qassem Soleimani as a hero, and I’m very shocked when I see in the Western media calling him a hero. For what? For killing the Syrian children, Iraqi children, or killing the Iranian people in Iran protests.”

“Recently 1500 people got killed and Sepah, the Revolutionary Guard, is in charge; they didn’t even allow the family of the victims to mourn, to have a public service,” Alinejad explained. “And right now this is hypocrisy. The government called for a public service for Qassem Soleimani for three days and the parents of those people who got killed by the Revolutionary Guard right now are in prison. My brother, my brother got arrested by the Revolutionary Guard in front of his small children. This (the killing of Soleimani) is the reason that the Iranian people, the victims, are very happy.”

Ahmed called the elimination of Soleimani “a pivotal moment for Iraq, perhaps even more so than when Saddam Hussein was removed.”

“The Iraqis now have a choice: Sunni Iraqis, Kurdish Iraqis and half of Iraq’s Shia are anti-Iran,” she said. “Will they seize the reins? Let’s not forget what Soleimani was planning: another repeat of the Iranian hostage situation that we saw 40 years ago. That’s what he was planning. And possibly a potential coup of Iraqi power into Iranian hands.”

Asked how her brother was, Alinejad replied: “I have no news from him. And this is actually the true face of Iranian government and the Revolutionary Guard. He is not allowed to have his own lawyer. And look, it’s 7,000 people got arrested in recent protests. It’s not only my brother.”

Trans AR-15