Saturday, April 18, 2020

Protesters flock to Minnesota governor's mansion, chant 'Open up!'

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Protesters flock to Minnesota governor's mansion, chant 'Open up!'

Two days short of the 245th anniversary of the battles at Lexington and Concord that launched the Revolutionary War, defiance against what Americans believe to be unjust oppression was on display in Minnesota.

More than 400 protesters gathered outside of the governor's mansion in St. Paul on Friday to demand an end to restrictions imposed to address the threat of the coronavirus, Fox News reported.

The "Liberate Minnesota" demonstration outside Gov. Tim Walz's residence included chants of "open up" as protesters waving American flags and wearing Trump 2020 clothing held signs reading "stop the shutdown," "We Do Not Consent" and "Walz is the virus."

The demonstration drew the attention and support of President Donald Trump, who tweeted "LIBERATE MINNESOTA!" Trump also tweeted support for protesters in Michigan and Virginia, who are demanding their governors loosen restrictions that have led to the shuttering of businesses and large-scale unemployment.

The rally's organizers made their point in a Facebook post.

"Minnesota citizens now is the time to demand Governor Walz and our state legislators end this lock down! Thousands of lives are being destroyed right now. It is not the governor's place to restrict free movement of Minnesota citizens! Gov. Walz you work for the citizens of this state!" the post read.

"Minnesota's economy must be reopened for business or destroying the livelihoods of hundreds of thousands of Minnesota citizens and their families may result if we don't act quickly! The fact is, our freedoms and economy are under full blown attack by a radical anti-American Governor -- and we must act quickly if we are going to save them!"

The post invoked Trump's concern that saving America from the virus must not cripple the nation's economy.

"President Trump has been very clear that we must get America back to work very quickly or the 'cure' to this terrible disease may be the worse option!" the post continued.

"What is certain, however, is that if we continue to shutter our businesses and cease production in Minnesota that our economy will be dealt a death blow.

"Small businesses are shuttering by the thousands across our state, and families and retirees are watching their life's work be destroyed in front of their eyes."

The group argued damage to liberties is as great a peril as the threat to the state's economy.

"Gov. Walz is using this entire situation to launch a full blown attack on the citizens of Minnesota, not to save lives, but to strip away and annihilate the freedoms that we enjoy!" the post read.

Minnesota's existing stay-at-home goes through May 4. On Friday, Walz allowed golf courses, bait shops, marinas and outdoor shooting ranges to open as long as social distancing guidelines are observed.

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