Tuesday, December 19, 2017

MILO on Net Neutrality

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Trans AR-15

It’s not about consumer protections, it’s about restricting consumer choice.

“You’re all wrong about it,” MILO says. “Because everybody in this room thinks Net Neutrality is a good idea, and it isn’t.”

“You all think it’s going to go to some sort of hellish, corporate, American-ruled dystopian hell where your email is going to get slowed down to a crawl,” MILO explains. “Horseshit. All it is doing is taking the Internet back to where it was a couple of years ago.”

“Net Neutrality is a cosmetic announcement on the one hand, but really what it represents is the license for the federal government, for the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), to wade in and interfere in the relationship between private people and their providers; and to stop companies from providing richer, better tailored packages to you, the consumer,” MILO continues. “It is about more government control over a critical utility.”

Trans AR-15