Thursday, August 16, 2018

With your help, HHS’ work requirement waiver could help reform Medicaid

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Earlier this summer a federal judge blocked Kentucky’s Medicaid work requirement waiver. The waiver would have required adults to work, train or volunteer on a part-time basis to qualify for Medicaid. It was an effort made by the Trump administration to scale back on the growing dependence of government programs and giving mentally and physically capable citizens opportunities to contribute to their communities. Medicaid was once a government program to help the most vulnerable in our society and Kentucky was one of four states to reform this snowballing program.

Recently, the administration has decided to challenge the judge’s ruling. The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) is accepting public comments before the Saturday, August 18th deadline.

Opportunity Solutions Project explains:

Work requirements have been proven to be successful in assisting individuals and families attain independence in other welfare programs. Research finds that those leaving welfare after work requirements were implemented in other states found work in more than 600 different industries, saw their incomes more than double on average, and that higher wages more than offset lost welfare benefits, leaving them financially better off. 

Putting this requirement back on the table would encourage other states to participate and ensure that over $500 billion annual taxpayer dollars supporting 28 million able-bodied adults will go back to helping the community. Government programs are expensive and the taxpayers foot the bill. Idleness shouldn’t be a prerequisite to collect Medicaid and other welfare services! Submit your comments before August 18 to tell the CMS that it’s time for welfare reform and to restore Medicaid to what it was intended to be — a program for the vulnerable!

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