Saturday, November 10, 2018

Wins, Losses and Challenges Ahead

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Tuesday was a night of wins and losses—for both sides—and the outcomes paved the way for a new set of challenges post-election. The GOP retained the Senate and the Democrats took the House. While Tea Party Patriots Citizens Fund, along with other conservatives, celebrated a victory for the gains in the Senate, many are asking what is going to happen now?

Pelosi as Speaker of the House?

Immediately after news of the Democrats taking over the House, Nancy Pelosi spoke in front of her supporters and told them she has no intention of stepping aside. Several Democrats have touted opposition to Pelosi as Speaker of the House. At least 12 of the new House Democrats have made a call for new leadership in the House. Pelosi will have a fight on her hands and we’ll be watching to see how the Democrats sort it out.

Jim Jordan is the best fit for the Minority Leader!

Jim Jordan will face off against Kevin McCarthy in a new fight to become the House Minority Leader. “Have we replaced ObamaCare yet? Have we secured the border yet? Have we reformed welfare yet? No we haven’t,” he said hours after the Democrats regained control of the lower chamber.

Whether the issue is taxation, or spending, or ObamaCare, or working to ensure that the rule of law is applied equally and fairly to everyone across the board, Jim Jordan has been a fighter for the values we share – personal freedom, economic freedom, and a debt-free future.

He understands the axiom that government is best which governs least. He fights in Washington to reduce the tax and regulatory burden on business, knowing that’s the key to economic growth and the better, higher-paying jobs that come with it. Jim Jordan won’t step back on his campaign promises or even let the Democratic majority step on his toes. He is a true leader who will work with his colleagues to bring much-needed direction to the House.

“Republicans lost the House [that] night for many reasons, but one of the biggest reasons was a failure of leadership,” Jenny Beth Martin said in a press conference. “If Nancy Pelosi is advising Democrat candidates to run hyper-local campaigns, isn’t that a good sign that Republicans SHOULD BE running a NATIONALIZED campaign? Jim Jordan got it, and he did his best to nationalize the election for House Republicans.”

It’s time for Jim Jordan to lead the House Republicans and Tea Party Patriots Citizens Fund stands ready to fight against whatever radical agenda Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats decide to try to implement.

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