Monday, March 30, 2020

NYT Writer: Americans Should Stop Blaming Communist Chinese Government, Learn From Them Instead

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On Monday, Max Fisher, international reporter and columnist for The New York Times, posited that Americans should stop blaming the Communist Chinese government for the coronavirus and instead take lessons from the brutally repressive Chinese Communist regime as to how to deal with it.

Fisher tweeted, “US outbreaks may be too far along for the South Korea model to work. The only thing left is the China model. It’s the only known success at subduing a full-blown epidemic. Instead of working with Beijing on finding lessons, the US is scapegoating China to deflect political blame.”

He continued, “I get why no one wants to hold up the China model as laudable, given Beijing’s failures, propaganda, and authoritarian methods. But none of those are necessarily needed to reproducing China’s real successes, which could at least potentially save hundreds of thousands of lives. If your well-grounded concern is that official Chinese data can never be trusted, it’s worth considering that the WHO is vouching firsthand for the country having achieved a major turnaround. Is it worth even looking for lessons?”

Fisher referenced Dr. Bruce Alyward, a senior adviser to the director-general of the World Health Organization, in his last tweet, which is notable as Alyward blew off a journalist who politely asked him if the WHO would consider allowing Taiwan as a member of the organization, which Communist China has opposed. Taiwan had reportedly attempted to alert the WHOto the severity of the coronavirus early on, but the WHO rebuffed their effort to offer information.

As The Daily Wire reported, Alyward abruptly ended a video interview with Hong a Kong-based journalist, Yvonne Tong, who asked him if the WHO would consider Taiwan’s membership. Alyward would not answer; Tong had to check to see if he was still there, He finally responded, “I’m sorry I couldn’t hear your question, Yvonne,” prompting Tong say she would repeat the question, prompting Alyward to deflect, “No that’s okay, let’s move on to another one then.”

The Daily Wire continued:

Tong pressed for him to answer the question, saying “I’m actually curious on talking about Taiwan as well, Taiwan’s case.” Less than a second later, Dr. Alyward leaned forward in his chair and the screen froze – the video call ended abruptly. The narrator of the interview then provides a voice-over, saying they “decided to give Dr. Alyward another call to follow up.”

Tong managed to reach Dr. Alyward again, and said that she just wanted “to see if you can comment a bit on how Taiwan has done so far, in terms of containing the virus.” The WHO official deflected the question and implied that Taiwan is actually a part of China, and not its own government –a talking point that China’s authoritarian regime has worked hard to maintain.

Alyward has stated that Communist China has done an “extraordinary” job reversing the outbreak of coronavirus, NPR reported, saying, “As long as you have these discrete outbreaks … there is the opportunity to control them – to get on top of these and contain them and prevent a lot of disease and ultimately death. They actually changed the course of a respiratory-borne outbreak without a vaccine, which was extraordinary.”

Despite Fisher’s protestations, there is ample evidence Communist China is lying about the number of deaths the Chinese people have suffered from COVID-19. On Sunday morning Senator Tom Cotton told Fox News:

The Chinese Communist Party is still lying … You see it again today. So, for instance, China says they have no more new cases, no more new deaths, yet they just closed all movie theaters nationwide only a few days after having opened them up … They say they’ve only had 2,500 cases that resulted in deaths or so, yet a single mortuary has ordered more than 5,000 urns. You can look at these basic facts to know that the Chinese Communist Party is still lying today, as they were in December and January, and that’s why what could have been a local problem in Wuhan turned into a global pandemic from which more than 2,000 Americans have now died.


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